Welcome to
“home away from home”!

We are ready to spoil you with our traditional family recipes…

Cafe Duarte was born from a dream to deliver freshly prepared baked and traditional recipes by the Pereira family. The secret of Cafe Duarte is a passion and love for food as well as a personal commitment to deliver consistent service to our Randburg community.

We cook and bake all our products from scratch, using secret family recipes as the base and foundation of Cafe Duarte.

We offer a wide variety of catering which includes platters, anniversaries, special occasions, office lunches and personalised menus.

We are home away from home and offer the best sunsets in Randburg. Why not come and sit, sip on a cocktail and enjoy a lazy afternoon watching the sunset, or try one of our home baked cakes.

We deliver for your convenience, or use your favourite delivery service: